A Texas native and Colombian/German by blood, Andres Pech received his formal education in industrial design from El Bosque University in Bogotá, Colombia. After which, he came to America and took up work consulting alongside two partners, Weed Zinger LLC and The Canvas Stretching Machine LLC. However, the experience he’s gathered hasn’t been limited here. He returned to Colombia to support his family business. Together they collaborated to performed window treatments and interior decorating. His efforts and contributions alongside his families were even requested in the Presidential Palace of Colombia.


Once he’d become unarguably accomplished, and now looking to give back and seek out greater challenges for his skill, Andres Pech returned to America where he further honed his abilities with furniture design and development. His accomplishments brought themselves to Verellen Inc, where he specialized in the process encompassing the efficiency of manufacturing and product development.

Throughout his careers he has demonstrated proficiency in a wide variety of design focused software and programs such as, Rhinoceros, rendering with Vray, Autodesk AutoCAD, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Additionally, being bilingual, completely fluent in both English (written and oral) as well as Spanish (written and oral), has allowed him the benefit of being able to cater to a broader audience of people and better relating to those traveling abroad for market.

Since all of his major achievements, Andres Pech has now begun taking on projects in Greensboro NC, building up PechDesigns and bringing life to ideas and meeting the needs of everyone who requests of him in all areas of furniture design, ranging from high/medium and low-end furniture, in residential to hospitality and outdoor furnishing, and with an additional special emphasis on upholstered furniture.

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